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Building future leaders through functional and moral education in a Godly environment


To put into the society a pool of young, educated people with very high moral values and knowledge of God, who speak two or more languages, who have made friendship across lines of nationality, who understand and can adapt to cultural differences mentally and emotionally.


Building a Generation for God

   R-   Righteousness
   E-   Excellence
   A -  Accountability
   L-   Love
   I -   Integrity
   S-   Service  


We shall continue to develop strategies to assist children in their passage from the sensory to the absract. Emphasis will be placed on nurturing the forces inherent in all children to think creatively and to search for new ideas and solutions to problems facing today's society. Elements of this society includes studies in social and natural sciences, languages (local and foreign), mathematics, music, arts, information and communication technology. It will also provide opportunity for responsibility and learning. We shall strive to produce high quality pupils at very moderate cost to parents and guardians.


The demise of patriotism and diminished community life is regrettable. We have failed ourselves and have only developed self-centered generation who are not exposed to the notion and practice of civic responsibility. We shall observe community service days regularly to train our youths to contribute to the world or community in which they live. A list of environmental, caring tasks that are not going to get done if volunteers do not do them shall be drawn up. It is to harness more effectively the enthusiasm, ideaslism and practical skills of the younger generation. The slogan shall be " Society needs you".