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Building future leaders through functional and moral education in a Godly environment.

In order to realize the laudable objectives encapsulated in the mission statement,our curriculum is designed to cover all the six areas of learning and getting them to know more about their Bible through our Christ Centered Curriculum viz:
1. Personal,social  and emotional development
2. Communication,language and literacy
3. Knowledge and understanding of the world
5. Mathematical development
6. Creative development.

We offer programmes that provide a unique and comprehensive package,with children having the opportunity to be involved in activities that offer stimulation,challenges,rich learning experience that can be revisited and developed overtime.
  Our curriculum is flexible and child centered and is reviewed from time to time in accordance with the prevailing and dynamic nature of human interaction with environment.
 It is also a holistic document aimed at developing a total child i.e. developing the 3H (head,heart and hand) the cognitive,the affective and the psychomotor domains.


*Personal,Social and emotional development
*Communication,Language and Literacy
*Mathematical Development
*Knowledge & understanding of the world
*Physical development
*Creative development

Programme provides a unique and comprehensive package,children involved in activities that offer stimulation,challenge and rich learning experiences that can be revisited and developed over time.
Our curriculum is a holistic one aimed at developing the total child.i.e developing the 3 H's Head, Heart and Hand " the cognitive, affective & the psycho motor skills.
Curriculum continuously under review
Children learn in a relaxed environment.